The All-in-one Solution for your Workforce Management

Planerio is the web-based, AI-powered workforce solution for healthcare. Efficient, transparent, and fair, Planerio ensures better employee satisfaction and optimal patient care.

Artificial intelligence Creates the Optimal Shift Schedule for You

Based on your individual needs, policies, legal requirements, and the wishes of your employee:s, Planerio’s unique intelligent scheduling algorithm creates an optimal shift plan in just a few minutes.

Whether it’s Vacation, Illness, or Training – Manage all Absences Online

With Planerio, you manage all types of absences in one place. An overview of the workload of all employees at the push of a button and simple online request management makes evaluation and planning efficient and easy.

Swap Shifts at the Push of a Button

The Planerio Self-Service App gives your employees real-time access to all important schedules, easy shift swapping function, vacation requests and much more. Available for Android and iOS.

Stay Organized with Payroll Accounting

Maintain all surcharge data and personnel data in one central location with interfaces to all common payroll systems. This reduces the time and effort involved in payroll accounting to a minimum.

Create Meaningful Analyses for Better Planning

Planerio provides you with data-based analysis to support administration and employee planning. With up-to-date data and reports, you will always be kept on track.

Always keep Track of Time Management

Whether directly online or via hardware terminals, with Planerio’s integrated digital time tracking, specific profiles can be defined and digital timesheets as well as working hours provide transparency and flexibility.

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