Planerio is successfully working on the digital future of the everyday medical practice
and has now been tested in all medical fields:

“Thanks to Planerio, we now only need on average 1.5 persons, who are not working full-time on this, to create our entire shift plan for 300 employees. Previously, we employed six people to do the same job.”

Dr. med. Philipp Remplik

Radiology specialist,
The Center for Radiology, Munich


The Planerio shift planning software is
already used at a number of care facilities:

“I was lucky enough to accompany Planerio as a project in our company from the very beginning, which gave me the opportunity to express wishes and help optimize the software. We worked and gelled really well together and achieved a lot in the end. Every employee is now able to enter e.g. vacation requests, work requests, sick days, etc. into the shift plan without a lot of paperwork and filling in endless forms. This means much less work for the shift planners.”

Carolin Bach

Deputy Area Manager,
365°Ganzheitliche Intensivpflege by opseo


Planerio’s intelligent algorithm calculates even the most complex planning variables
– whether for individual departments or the entire hospital:

“Thanks to Planerio, self-made and difficult to understand Excel tables are a thing of the past. The shift plan is completed in no time, and it is easy to trace any subsequent changes.

I would like to thank the Planerio team – we like working with you!”

Dr. med. Philipp May

Resident physician,
Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg


Planerio is in demand in all industries with complex shift scheduling requirements:

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