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Who does the scheduling in your medical practice?

In almost every medical practice, shift planning is the responsibility of the doctors or practice managers and it takes up a lot of time: part-time contracts, different qualifications of the employees, shift and vacation requests, spontaneous sick calls, several locations, legal requirements – shift planning is also a real challenge in medical practices.

Planerio has made it its goal to drastically simplify duty scheduling in the medical practice with a unique intelligent algorithm. With the help of our web-based software, duty schedules are automatically calculated individually for your needs, even in difficult situations.

What do you need to do for Easy Shift Planning for Medical Practices?

You determine the rules of the shift schedule calculation, and Planerio delivers a customized shift plan for your practice. Our web-based software can be installed in any practice. All you need is a computer with internet access. All details of staff members, such as working hours, days of work, preferred times, qualifications, as well as the available rooms, only need to be entered once. If your practice has multiple locations, no problem. Planerio can display any number of locations and employees tailored to your needs and the usual shift planning in the medical practice.

Dienstplanung, Schichtplanung, Zeiterfassung, Arztpraxis, Pflege, Krankenhaus
Dienstplanung, Schichtplanung, Zeiterfassung, Arztpraxis, Pflege, Krankenhaus

No more pen and paper, no more Excel spreadsheets!

Instead of having to take pen and paper to hand, Planerio bundles all relevant points of practice shift planning digitally in one place. Employees can easily enter their vacation and shift requests on a screen, and the shift planner quickly provides an overview of staff capacity utilization and can react accordingly. Sick leave, changes of shifts at short notice and training courses are also taken into account. The shift planner is easily adapted to the new circumstances and operational work can continue undisturbed.

With Planerio shift planning, you save time and resources and can focus on what’s important: patient care and employee satisfaction in your practice.

With Planerio you will have more time for patients and other important tasks.

Automatic Shift Planning

The unique intelligent algorithm adapts to your specifications and calculates the perfect shift plan for your medical practice.


With the Employee Self-Service via the smartphone app, all employees can easily submit requests and independently exchange shifts.

Quality Management

See at a glance which employee is best suited and available.

Time Recording

Time recording is easily done online or via hardware terminals with chip cards and facilitates your payroll accounting.

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